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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA)

1.  What is an Alumni Association (AA)?

Each country has an association for alumni participating youth, founded for the purpose of continuing the spirit that was fostered through the Ship for World Youth (SWY) program.  The basic structure of the organization begins with the President (1 person), Vice Presidents (2 people), and E-mail Recipients (2 people) who are responsible for electronic information exchange.  The main activities of the SWYAAs include, but are not limited to, updating contact information for members, planning and managing post-program activities such as those that contribute to society in their country, strengthening ties with Japanese Embassies and the Government of Japan, as well as supporting future participants of the program.

2.  What is required to be an AA?  How can my country establish an AA?

  • Have your own Charter/Agreement ? Refer to SWYAA Charter. This will be a reference for you in creating/developing/reestablishing your AA.
  • Contact the ex-PYs in your country and decide the board members.
  • For further information, please refer to The Steps to Establish SWYAA"

3.  What should we do when the board members of SWYAA changed?

Please download the registration form and send to SWYAA secretariat: swyaa @ iyeo.or.jp

4.  Is there a person I can contact in my country?  Where can I get more information about my country?

Please refer to website of your own country, accessible from the map on the Link page of this website.

5.  Where can I get more information about the Ship for World Youth program?

Please refer to the website for the Ship for World Youth program.
Click here for further info.

6.  What should I do when I move to a new address?

Please inform the president of your SWYAA and IYEO so that your database will be updated.
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