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Activities of the Respective SWYAA (FY2013) in the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA) Activities Report 2013. click here for more information.


Post-Program Activity Presentaion (SWYAA Open Forum) was implemented during the Tokyo Conference. click here for more information.


- Tree Planting project (Fiji)
Tree Planting project was initiated whereby 20 Sandalwood trees were planted in Nukusere Village, interior of Namosi Province as phase 1. The Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan in Suva was the chief guest at the launching of this project in Nukusere. Another 20 sandalwood tress will be planted this year as part Phase 2 of the project. Mature trees will be sold and used for the children and community development.

- Open School (India)
In the last three years, one of the most significant activities of SWYAA-India has been the education of children for poor families. With support from Canon India, children are studying in the education centres called open schools. From 2009-2012, in these twelve open schools, 3,200 children have been educated so far. These children live in low income settlements of New Delhi and have very little opportunity of receiving good quality education. But, many of these students are doing well in their studies and are now enrolled in the formal schools.

- One More Child Goes to School (Japan/IYEO)
One More Child Goes to School was officially started in 2008 in cooperation with SWYAA Sri Lanka. From 2010, IYEO has been focusing on the scholarship project, and currently, 53 Japanese Foster Parents are supporting 59 Sri Lankan students (ages 5-10) who are going to the Primary School in Matara, the southern part of Sri Lanka. Every year IYEO receives more foster parents and the program is gradually growing. In addition, IYEO organizes charity events in Japan to raise fund to purchase educational materials. The annual charity lunch was held in March 2013 with many guests attending.

- Support for choosing the participants of SWY25 (Mexico)
SWYAA Mexico was authorized to take an active role in choosing the participants for SWY25 in cooperation with the Mexican Institute for Youth and the Embassy of Japan in Mexico. Two major changes in the selection process were introduced as below:
a) Offering a second venue for examinations.
b) Social impact activities as a core requisite in the selection process
This selection process improved a lot compared to previous ones: more young Mexicans had the opportunity to apply to SWY by offering a second venue for the examinations, and the social impact activities in the selection process allowed the applicants to create an immediat impact in a community even before participating in the program.

- Support at a local Forest and Bird event (New Zealand)
SWYNZ alumni have contributed socially in numerous ways over the years. Last year, a number of SWY alumni joined forces with others in the Wellington community to lend support at a local Forest and Bird event. The activity involved helping to weed a coastal area in preparation for native shrub planting of the habitats of native blue penguins.

- SWY Fest 2 (Peru)
On June 1, the concert “SWY Fest 2” was held with great participation of members of the SWYAA Peru. Ex-PYs from SWY24 performed songs they learned on board, while guest artists (including TV celebrities) amused the more than 200 people gathered. The activity served as a way to strengthen SWYAA Peru, uniting ex-PYs in a common fundraising goal. The result was a positive one as S/. 3975.00 Nuevos Soles (US $1483.20 dollars) was collected.

- Blood donation (Yemen)
At least 3 times a year, the members of the SWYYAA-Yemen go to The National Blood Transfusion & Research Center to donate blood. This activity was started in the beginning of 2010, and so far this activity is one of the most popular and regular events, not only among the members of the Alumni but also among their friends and some family members. This year Ex-PYs donated bloood in Oct. 2012.


Relief Activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake:


- Japanese Festival (Costa Rica)
As is tradition, our association participated of "The Japan Festival" an event organized for Japanese Embassy and several Japanese Associations located in Costa Rica. This year, we conduct an interactive exhibition that included photographs, videos, music, Japanese souvenirs and art donated by a SWY20 JPY. The whole idea was named "Why Japan?" (?Por que Japon, in spanish) like a way to demonstrate why we are grateful with our Japanese friends for the memorable SWY experience. More than 20 Costa Rican OPY´s were part of this exhibition. I´m happy to share with you that the money we earned (with the Japanese Art donated) during the activity, was donated to an Animal Shelter.

- Karibu Africa / Tupendane Project (Japan)
On August 6, 2011, a big event called “Karibu Africa” was held where around 100 people joined. Activities of Tupendane and the situation of Kenyan children were presented. Everyone also enjoyed African music performance by a Japanese singer. The donation collected through this event will be used to purchase educational materials for children

- One Book is All It Takes (Fiji)
Since disembarking the Fuji Maru in March this year Miguel (Chile) and Frances (Australia) were searching for a suitable location to establish a library that would be accessible, utilised, respected and sustainable by all that used it. After in depth discussions with Jone (Fiji) and a hastily organised trip to Fiji it was decided that the library would be located in Wainikavula, a village 58km from Suva.

- Sushi Workshop (Turkey)
Sushi workshops were held for 6 times (4 times in Ankara, 1 time in Istanbul and 1 time in Konya). In the workshops, it was taught how to make sushi by ex-PYs and then the sushi mats left for the participants and they rolled their own sushi with the ingredients they wanted to try. While the participants were rolling their sushi, ex-PYs explained about the Ship for World Youth Program and the catastrophic results of the earthquake and tsunami.

- Kodomonohi Festival (Australia)
An ex-PY of Australia, Aimee Weir, SWY23, had a cupcake stall at the "Kodomonohi" festival in Adelaide in May. She and her friends and family spent over 12 hours baking over 300 cupcakes and folding 200 paper cranes for Red Cross Japan Earthquake appeal. They raised over $800. Although they had aimed for $1,000, did enough to spread the message to people and encourage them to donate more after they had their cake.

- Soran Dance (Sweden)
In 9th of April, 2011, members of SWYAA Sweden performed "Soran-Dance" at three different central places (2 squares and one historic site) in Gothenburg, to send strength to Japan and to encourage Swedish people to support Japan. 18 members (SWY10, SWY18, and SWY23) from all over the country gathered, and there were estimated 700 viewers. Most of the members in SWYAA Sweden changed their profile pictures at Facebook to the Japanese flag in order to show our support. Also, they have been in contact with the Japanese Embassy in Stockholm to offer their support and to forward their condolences.

- Arigato Day: Ticos for Japan. (Costa Rica)
The SWYAA-Costa Rica participated in the Arigato Day: Ticos for Japan. Different NGOs related to Japan were there to express their gratitude and solidarity towards Japan and its people after the earthquake and tsunami that happened on March 11, 2011. Ex-PYs offered themselves as volunteers in the stand by SWYAA-Costa Rica to do diverse things and raised US$2,000 for Japan.


- Open School (India)
SWYAA-India organized an event to mark the inauguration of "Open School" project for educating 1,020 disadvantaged children in November 2010. SWYAA-India has set up twelve such open schools in Delhi where children are imparted education up to primary level. The curriculum included teaching of basic communication skills in Japanese language which the students are enjoying very much.

- One More Child Goes To School Project (Japan/IYEO)
In relation to the "One More Child Goes To School Project" implemented by SWYAA Sri Lanka, IYEO started "Foster Parents Project" with the SWYAA Sri Lanka. The first project started from 2010, and so far 25 Japanese foster parents are supporting 30 elementary school students in Sri Lanka. This project will be continued in 2011 and onwards.

- Annual Christmas Activity with "Casa del Padre Martinho" (Peru)
SWYAA-Peru organized their Annual Christmas Activity with the children of the foundation called Casa del Padre Martinho, which is an NGO whose purpose is to provide support to homeless children that have mental illness. After sharing moments with the kids, the children received Christmas lunch and also toys and materials that would help them improve their learning. These donations were obtained thanks to SWYAA-Peru's funds.

- Conference to 13 high school institutions in Caracas. (Venezuela)
In order to support the environment education among young people, ex-PYs conducted a Conference on Sustainable Development to 13 high school institutions in Caracas. About 200 students attended the meeting and exchanged opinions on this important issue and the role played by Venezuela at the international arena. The Conference was supported by the Japanese Embassy in Venezuela.

- SWY-350 (Yemen)
"SWY-350" is an event that was organized to raise people's awareness towards the CO2 and its impact of polluting the environment. Yemeni ex-PYs from every batch have gathered for this event and explained the negative effects of the usage of plastic products. The event contained many items like video presentation, general explanation and T-shirts and paper bags distribution.


- Bus for World Youth (Peru)

The BWY project was proposed by the Peruvian delegation on board SWY 21 (2009) with the objective of traveling through Peru with the same spirit of the Ship, but on a Bus. The objective of the Bus for World Youth Program was to reassure participant’s commitment with society and leadership through volunteer work and donations for Peruvian communities in need. Read more...

- BOB Project (Mexico)

The Back on Board Project (BOB Project) is an idea which aim is to promote Social Contribution Activities (SCA), fostering the SWY Spirit within the Mexican ExPYs and Volunteers willing to make a change in their environment, through a permanent roll of "to do"s.Report of the BOB Project

- Support Kenya Project (Kenya/Japan)
IYEO (Japan) and Kenya jointly worked on a project to give hands to the Internally Displaced Persons in Kenya.
Phase 1 was conducted in May 2008, and Phase 2 of the project was conducted in August 2009. Read more...

- Petone Beach Clean (New Zealand)
On Sunday, 6 June 2009, SWYNZ hosted a beach clean-up along the Petone foreshore in Wellington as part of
a number of post-program activities the Association hopes to implement.

- SWYAA Forest Update (IYEO/Japan)
Two members of IYEO went to see the SWYAA Forest that was planted in Bali, Indonesia.

Charity Walk - SWY20 Commemorative event (IYEO)
Candle Night Project (SWYAA Mauritius)

Global Photo Contest - A treasure for our furture generations
Visit to New Life Children's Home (SWYAA Kenya, October)

Education for all and culture of peace
(Brazil, January)
Tunami Relief Activities (SWYAA Sri Lanka)
one book project (SWYAA Australia)

Global Photo Contest - Smile and Laughter
Renaissance Reunion (SWYAA Greece, September)
National Candle Night Mauritius (SWYAA Mauritius)

Tunami Relief Activities (SWYAA Sri Lanka)
SWY18 Kenyan AIDS Project (Canada)

Global Photo Contest - Street Market
International Understanding Towards Global Peace (SWYAA Greece/Egypt, Jan)
Participation to Youth Conference (SWYAA Bahrain, August)
Tunami Relief Activities (SWYAA Sri Lanka)
Our World, One World (SWYAA Costa Rica)


Global Photo Contest - International Food for Thought

Peace Tower Exhibition (IYEO Kanagawa)
Quilt Project (Canada)

SWY Information Nights (SWY Australia)

2nd UAE Global Youth Reunion (SWYAA UAE)


African/Japanese Carnival (Kenya)
1st UAE Global Youth Reunion (UAE)