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Handbook  for  Cultural  Understanding

Compiled by: Ship for World Youth Alumni Association Members

                      Dear Participant,

Welcome to the Ship for World Youth (SWY) cultural adventure.  This international program will give you a unique opportunity to experience Cross-cultural exchanges and understandings among young people from many different countries and cultures. You can be sure that during the following weeks you will encounter a truly wonderful global environment with participants from many different cultures.  Therefore, it is essential to approach the program with an open mind and respect for other cultures. In other words, you must embark into this wonderful adventure believing that, during your days on board the Nippon Maru, tolerance, patience, curiosity, respect and love can create something of a joint SWY Culture among all Participants.

The Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA) has compiled this handbook for new participants to provide them with guidelines and information to help them better understands the many different cultures participating in this program.  (More)


 Australia                 Bahrain            Bangladesh           Belgium                   Brazil                Cameroon              Canada


    Chile              Costa Rica               Ecuador                 Egypt                    Fiji                      Finland                  Greece            


    India               Japan                  Kenya                  Mauritius               Mexico                 Morocco            New Zealand   


 Norway                Oman                  Paraguay                  Peru                     Poland               Qatar                    Russia             


Seychelles          Solomon Is.         South Africa             Spain                 Sri Lanka              Sweden             Tanzania      


 Tonga                    Turkey                  UAE                         UK                       USA                 Venezuela            Yemen








Design By: Eissam Al-Ameer -Yemen- (SWY19)

All rights reserved Ship for World Youth Alumni Association 





Examples of Cultural      Differences

The Concept of Culture
Intercultural  References

Home stay in Japan
Easy Japanese








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